Welcome to GHERIT AFRICANA. We are the home of African Ankara handmade bags, footwear & accessory. We make our products with the finest of fabrics.

Fashion makes a statement. Fashion is culture. Fashion is art. We express ourselves, who we are, where we are from, what we like, in our fashion.

Do you know? When you own a GHERIT AFRICANA fashion product you have done all of these?

At GHERIT AFRICANA, we help you make a bold statement.  Moreso, we create unique items. Therefore, you might be the only one who owns that piece in the entire world.

We pay attention to details and finishing, therefore, you can assure that you get value for money.  Our craftsmen have vast knowledge in the craftsmanship of Fashion accessories. Finally, all materials are sourced from the local Nigerian market.

Why you need a Gherit Africana African Ankara bag or accessory?

  1. It is a fashion statement-making piece.
  2. It is unique.
  3. It helps express our culture.
  4. Makes just the perfect gift.
  5. Pocket-friendly price.

What kind of African fabric do we use?

  • Ankara
  • Aso-Oke
  • Adire

Delivery mode?

Pick up and Nationwide delivery.


Why you should buy from GHERIT AFRICANA

  1. You are helping a small business grow.
  2. Buying local grows the economy.
  3. Our craftsmen will thank you for this.
  4. Our creative director will do a little dance.


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